Why choose AMSYCO ANDT Services?

AMSYCO’s extensive experience and impressive track record in ANDT together with an extensive and in‐depth knowledge of the problematical technical issues involved means that we are more than capable of satisfying Client requirements effectively, with value added and ensuring:

  • Greater detection probability of discontinuities.
  • Higher speed and productivity.
  • Real‐time identification of defects including sizing, location, orientation and depth.
  • Use of environment friendly methods that only discharge couplant water.
  • Test results are available in real time on site. No waiting for film processing or interpretation as required with radiography. Minimal standby time on site.
  • Test data and reports are electronic. No bulky storage needed for films and reports. Data and reports can be emailed or uploaded upon request. Total project data can be saved on a data storage device.
  • In the event that the Client’s ANDT data files are damaged or corrupted, they can be retrieved by AMSYCO and made available.

A major advantage of using AMSYCO’s ANDT capability is that the Company is equipped with a comprehensive range of scanners which can be used on the differing types of geometrical configurations encountered for test. These range from manually encoded units that are very versatile to fully automated scanners that are highly sophisticated. AMSYCO’s technical team will be more than happy to give you a demonstration and identify which Advanced NDT method is best suited to your requirements.

Why choose AMSYCO Inspection Services?

  • AMSYCO has been in partnership with many of its Clients for more than three decades; achieving a reputation for delivering reliable and responsible Inspection Services.
  • Every AMSYCO Inspector or Expediter has a minimum of 10 years’ experience in their respective disciplines and regularly refresh their knowledge through participation in AMSYCO’s long established Training Programs.
  • AMSYCO has an ample resource of Inspectors and Expediters and is therefore able to deal with any Client requirement or emergency.
  • Our Clients benefit from our personalized support services, which include an assigned Coordinator and timely, comprehensive Inspection and Expediting Reports.
  • Inspection and Expediting Reports are submitted within 24 hours upon completion of any Inspection Assignment and are inclusive of all relevant data and photographs.
  • AMSYCO Inspection Department uses PERIDOT and ONYX software.

PERIDOT is one of AMSYCO’s unique in‐house developed computer programs that manages the scheduling, mobilization and activities of Inspectors and Expediters all the way through from initial discussions with Client and Vendor to final invoice submission. PERIDOT allows for:

  • Efficient appropriation and deployment of resources.
  • Systematic method of coordination.
  • Rapid data retrieval of inspection assignment details such as vendor name, location,inspection date, type and scope of inspection, assigned inspector etc.

ONYX is designed for:

  • Creating and storing all Welder Qualification data.
  • Printing of WQT IDs on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) card.
  • Data retrieval for purpose of certificate renewal.

Why choose AMSYCO NDT Services?

AMSYCO provides an exceptional quality of service to its Clients by ensuring:

  • Use of the correct tools and devices on site which are always in good working condition.
  • Safe operating practices supervised and monitored by a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).
  • Availability of optimum strength radioisotopes essential to achieving maximum productivity.
  • Timely completion of the number of joints identified for testing.
  • Technician and Crew productivity which is continually monitored by the application of our QUARTZ Program; developed in‐house and which guarantees conformity to acceptable productivity and quality parameters.
  • Clients can be provided with data relating to tests conducted by referral to our in‐house SAPPHIRE Program.

We are committed to ensuring that the Technicians and Crews we assign to a Client are more than capable with regard to skills, experience and knowledge.

  • AMSYCO’s Technicians are industrious and honest workers.
  • Over 70% of our NDT Technicians are multi‐disciplined and are certified in two or more NDT methods resulting in the saving of time and money for the Client.
  • Every Technician has a minimum of 5 year’s experience in his respective disciplines.
  • AMSYCO’s Technicians, though qualified and proficient in their respective NDT methods, are encouraged to attend in‐house refresher courses to further enhance their skills.
  • In addition our NDT Technicians attend regular AMSYCO’s Radiation Safety Training Courses and participate in Emergency Response Exercises.

IT System Supported Services

AMSYCO has always strived to provide the highest quality of services to its Clients. In order to achieve this we practice efficient management protocols and equip all employees with the current technology necessary to run our business efficiently and effectively.

We have designed and implemented our own ERP System to suit our line of business and the needs of our Clients and which provides:

  • A platform to simplify and speed‐up the recording, retrieval and assessment of data.
  • Indication of probable risk or failure.
  • Records Control and Management.
RUBYAMSYCO Business SystemOne of the most powerful modules incorporating Job Order creation and any subsequent activities relating to Business and Contract Management.
JADEPersonal Management Information systemHuman Resources and Administration modules covering Travel,Transport,Housing,Training,Certification etc.
SAPPHIRERT Reporting SystemManages and Controls all test results and data relating to Radiographic works.
PERIDOTInspection Service ProgramManages all Inspection activities from scheduling and mobilization of Inspectors and Expeditors through to final billing.
QUARTZData Analysis SystemManages Technician productivity, working time, consumable usage and performance monitoring. Includes a module for NDT invoicing.
OPALAccounts PackageAMSYCO’s custom made accounting package.
EMERALDPayroll PackageThe package handles all payroll related activities in association with the HEXAGON Program and in compliance with the Saudi Wage Protection System.
AMETHYSTStore PackageHandles materials and equipment issuance and receiving including store to store transfers by means of digital approvals.
AMBERPurchase SystemManages all purchasing activities including handling of requests,quotations,bid‐comparisons,and ordering.
ONYXWelder Qualification SystemWelders Qualifications digital registrations and records including printing of plastic Welder ID Cards.
PEARLwww.amsyco.com.saWe are equipped with a portal for external access by our employees and we also provide a window for our valued Clients.

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