Al Mutawa Samyong NDT Co.,Ltd. (AMSYCO) is one of, if not the most, respected Non‐Destructive Testing and Inspection Service Providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East. AMSYCO is a recognized industry leader with over 37 years’ experience and a proven track record of providing a range of quality inspection and testing services on schedule and exceeding Client expectations.

Established in 1982, AMSYCO still maintains the high standards that are demanded by the oil and gas, petrochemical, desalination, power and construction industries in the Region supported by its sister companies and affiliates in the U.A.E., Bahrain and Qatar. The Company employs a team of qualified and experienced Technicians, Inspectors and Coordinators dedicated to providing support,assistance and services to its valued Clients.

Since its inception in 1982 AMSYCO has successfully met the requirements of more than five hundred Clients within the Kingdom and elsewhere in the Middle East.

AMSYCO is a professionally managed company providing value for money, timely on target services, unparalleled Client support and with a reputation for quality and integrity.We firmly believe in sustainable and long‐term relationships with our employees, suppliers and most importantly with our valued Clients.

We foster a working culture that encourages and permits our employees to do their best. AMSYCO supports their development and stands by any decisions made by them on behalf of the Company.In return we expect our employees to demonstrate their loyalty and commitment to AMSYCO’s goals and code of ethics.

AMSYCO is fully committed to employing and training Saudi youths eager to learn and practice NDT and Inspection methods in order to meet the VISION 2030 objectives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our Mission

AMSYCO is committed to providing timely, high quality, cost effective Non‐Destructive Testing, Heat Treatment, Inspection and Expediting Services to the oil, gas, petrochemical, pipelining, power, desalination, construction and heavy fabrication sectors based in the Arabian Peninsula.


Our Vision

To achieve and maintain the highest level of customer confidence and satisfaction. To build AMSYCO into the leading Non‐Destructive, Heat Treatment, Inspection and Expediting company in the Middle East.


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